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The Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) qualification enables you to monitor the activities of assessors within an organisation, ensuring that all assessments are conducted fairly. Your role will help to improve assessment standards and best practice within the organisation.

IQA qualifications are typically needed for managerial roles or any supervising role that is responsible for staff and internal procedures.

What is an IQA qualification?

Where can I get an IQA?

The IQA qualification can be completed online from various providers. CTC Training offers a range of IQA qualifications at different levels. These include:

We also provide the Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (RQF) if you are looking to get into quality assurance or assessment and don’t currently hold any qualifications. 

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How long will it take?

The qualification typically takes around 6 weeks to complete. With CTC, you can achieve the qualification at your leisure. Our 24/7 student portal allows you to view course content and upload assessments any time, any day. This is ideal if you need to fit the workload around a busy schedule.

What is the role of an Internal Quality Assurer?

The minimum responsibilities as an Internal Quality Assurer include:

  • Observing trainer and assessor performance, providing constructive feedback
  • Providing support to trainers and assessors 
  • Sampling assessment records and decisions
  • Meeting with learners
  • Planning how and when you will monitor trainers and assessors
  • Identifying and facilitating best practice throughout the organisation

what is an iqa qualification

How can an IQA help my career?

The IQA qualification is a great tool for helping you into a supervisory or managerial role. Our IQA courses are designed to boost your career prospects irrespective of the level you are currently at.

What do I need to become an IQA?

Stepping into the role of an Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) is not just about obtaining the right qualification. It’s about truly understanding the breadth and depth of quality assurance and its importance in maintaining standards.

  • Knowledge of the National Occupational Standards (NOS)

Your industry’s NOS provides a framework that defines the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to undertake a particular task or job. To ensure quality, it’s vital for an IQA to be familiar with these standards.

  • Understanding of Processes and Procedures

As an IQA, you’ll be at the heart of ensuring that assessment processes are robust and fair. Familiarising yourself with the finer details of these processes, from planning to execution, is crucial.

  • Communication Skills

You’ll be interacting with a range of individuals, from trainers and assessors to learners. Clear, constructive communication is vital, especially when giving feedback or relaying procedural changes.

  • Attention to Detail

Quality assurance is all about consistency and precision. An eagle-eyed approach to reviewing assessments, documentation and practices ensures that nothing slips through the cracks.

For a more comprehensive guide on which IQA qualifications are best suited for your journey, have a look at our article Which IQA qualifications do I need?

Are you interested in obtaining the IQA qualification and becoming an Internal Quality Assurer? CTC provides a range of IQA awards for learners at all levels.

Enrol on a course through CTC and enjoy all the benefits of distance learning, including working in the safety and comfort of your own home on a schedule that works for you. But don’t worry if you need help — we designate you a tutor who will be available to contact via phone, email or text throughout the entirety of your course. 

To start your journey to becoming an Internal Quality Assurer, check out our IQA courses.

For any questions, contact our team or call 0195 276 9025.

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