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Health and safety training is one of the most popular training courses for employees. Suitable for a range of industries, these courses are a great way of enhancing your CV and improving the way your business is run.

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Here are three of the main areas that are covered in a health and safety course.

1. Fire Safety

Fires can completely destroy businesses so ensuring that you have the right training will keep your environment safe. From fire prevention to what needs to be done in emergency situations, the course will cover everything you and your staff need to know about fires.

This kind of training is essential to stopping fires and having quick reactions if a serious incident occurs.

See our Level 2 Fire Safety Course for more details.

2. Moving and Handling

When handling heavy items at work, you need to have good knowledge of how to lift manually without causing injury. In a health & safety course, you will learn about the correct lifting etiquette depending on the load, how to position your body and maintain good posture.

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your employees are educated in every area of their role, including moving and handling. Enrolling them on a health and safety course will provide the information they need to stay safe at work.

See our Level 2 Award in Safe Moving and Handling for more details.

3. Food Safety

If you work in a factory, restaurant, hotel or anywhere else that serves food, having the right health & safety training is key. The topic of food safety covers many areas such as correct food prep, understanding the hygiene steps that need to be taken and food allergy awareness.

When handling or serving food that is given to the public, you must have high standards across the board.

See our Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Catering for more details.

At CTC Training, we offer a range of adult training courses across the UK. From health & safety to education training, our supportive team are on hand to support your learning. With a mix of online study and localised support, you can balance your training alongside other commitments.

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