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Teaching adults can be a rewarding career path, but it’s not for everyone. If you have a passion for helping others and are willing to earn the relevant qualifications, you could find yourself ahead of the competition. 

In this article, we take a look at the best ways to get into teaching adult learners, including the qualifications you need to stand out in the market.

What is Adult Teaching?

Adult teaching differs significantly from teaching children. We’re talking about learners who have likely had prior life and work experiences, who are more independent in their learning and who may be returning to education after a break. With adult learners, you’re not just teaching —  you’re also addressing their unique backgrounds, expectations and beliefs.

How to Get Into Teaching Adult Learners?

Passion and drive are great, but you’ll also need some tangible evidence of your skills. CTC Training offers a variety of online courses specially tailored for aspiring adult educators. These courses are OFQUAL-regulated, so you’re getting qualifications that are recognised nationwide. 

Plus, CTC offers a dedicated tutor, no hidden fees and comprehensive course materials — everything you need for success.

Aside from specialised courses, you’ll also need experience in the field you’re teaching and a range of soft skills, such as empathy, patience and communication.

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Do I Need a PGCE to Teach Adults?

We often get asked whether a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) is required to teach adults. The answer is no.

Typically, PGCEs are required to teach in formal education settings. However, it is unlikely that you would be teaching adults in schools, and there are other qualifications acceptable for teaching in vocational, informal or specialised roles

But even if you do wish to teach in a more formal setting, there are still alternative routes to earning a PGCE. For example, after completing a Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DET), you can apply for Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status. QTLS has equal status to QTS and will allow you to teach in a wide variety of formal education settings.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Teach Adults in the UK?

The following qualifications will provide you with the knowledge and skills to teach in the adult education sector:

This entry level qualification is perfect for those who are new to teaching adults or wish to become trainers. It provides a foundational understanding of the roles and responsibilities in adult education.

A step up from the Level 3 Award, this certificate is aimed at those who are already in a teaching role but lack formal qualifications. It focuses on planning and assessing educational experiences, equipping you with more advanced teaching skills.

This comprehensive diploma is for those looking to fully qualify as adult educators. It provides the in-depth knowledge and practical training required to excel in a variety of adult educational settings. Completion allows you to apply for QTLS status, enabling you to teach in formal educational settings.

All the above qualifications are available through CTC Training — and you can enrol today.

Considering a career in adult education? Enrol on a course today.


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