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An internal quality assurer is a vital asset to any organisation. Their work ensures that assessors are regulated and assessments are conducted in line with best practices.

Becoming an internal quality assurer can be a great boost to your professional profile. It provides many valuable skills and responsibilities and makes you a more appealing candidate for almost any organisation. If you’d like to know more about the role of an internal quality assurer, read this article. We’ll explain more about the role, including the responsibilities and qualifications involved.

What is the role of an internal quality assurer?

What is an internal quality assurer?

An internal quality assessor is responsible for monitoring the activities of assessors within an organisation to ensure that all the assessments are conducted fairly.

What are the responsibilities of an internal quality assurer?

Internal quality assurers have many responsibilities and their days will vary. Their general responsibilities include the following:

  • Check that assessors meet the requirement for their role
  • Plan and prepare monitoring activities
  • Work alongside assessors, trainers and employers to ensure the standardisation of assessment practices
  • Observing trainer and assessor performance, providing constructive feedback
  • Providing support to trainers and assessors 
  • Sampling assessment records and decisions
  • Meeting with learners
  • Planning how and when you will monitor trainers and assessors
  • Identifying and facilitating best practice throughout the organisation

Why does the internal quality assurer role exist?

The internal quality assurer role is vital for ensuring an organisation is adhering to best practices when it comes to assessments. Often when issues are found within the delivery and certification of qualifications within an organisation, it can be traced back to a poor quality assurance system that lacks in sufficient planning, oversight and impartiality. If assessments and delivery of qualifications are not conducted fairly, it can lead to employees that are inadequate for their roles, disgruntled employees and a tarnished reputation.

What are the requirements for the internal quality assurer role?

To become an internal quality assurer, you must complete an IQA course and earn an IQA qualification. There are three different IQA qualifications available. Which one you choose will depend on the level of responsibility you’ll be assuming.

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