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A Level 2 Teaching Assistant (TA) is an entry-level position in assisting teachers in a classroom setting. It serves as a great starting point for anyone wanting a fulfilling career in the education sector.

If you’re an aspiring TA, this article will tell you everything you need to know about the role, including how to progress onto Level 3 and Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) positions, and how CTC courses can help you on your career path.

What can a level 2 TA do

What is a Level 2 Teaching Assistant?

A Level 2 TA is ideal for those starting in the teaching assistant career. It teaches all the basics — like child welfare, development and communication.

What are the Responsibilities of a Level 2 Teaching Assistant?

As a TA, your responsibilities may include providing feedback on student progress, assisting with lesson planning and supporting teachers. One of the great things about being a teaching assistant is that you’ll often have varied days. 

How Does Being a TA Differ at Higher Levels?

Level 2 TAs are more focused on basic support tasks, whereas Level 3 and HLTAs take on more advanced roles, including direct teaching responsibilities. Once you’ve gained some experience as a Level 2 TA, you can increase your responsibilities (and pay!) by moving up to a Level 3 TA.

The Level 3 TA is more in-depth, providing broader educational and classroom management skills. Responsibilities include preparing classrooms, assisting in planning activities, and supporting reading sessions. Those with this qualification often work closely with teachers and support specific groups of students.

What is a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)?

HLTAs take on more significant responsibilities, such as teaching classes and planning lessons. This position requires full-time work as a Level 3 TA and typically needs the support of the school and headteacher.

CTC Courses for TAs

CTC offers courses that equip aspiring TAs with the necessary skills and qualifications to step into these roles. Our courses are tailored to provide practical knowledge and skills, helping you progress from entry-level positions to more advanced TA roles.

If you want to start a career as a teaching assistant, consider these qualifications:

Understanding the roles and responsibilities at different TA levels is crucial for those considering this career. Level 2 TAs provide essential support in educational settings, with opportunities for progression to more advanced roles through further training and experience. 

Enrol on a TA course today and unlock your potential.

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