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Preventing food safety problems should be every caterer’s top priority as it takes only one sick customer to seriously tarnish the reputation of a food establishment or catering business. Catering and restaurant food safety procedures are very similar, but there are additional considerations like transport procedures, which must be taken into account. When you open your catering business, think about these seven pillars of food safety.

Serving is key

Temperature controls must be adhered to through the whole catering event, so it’s called-for for caterers to have the proper equipment on hand for the serving. Chafing dishes can keep hot foods at the perfect temperature. All temperatures should be checked with a probe thermometer at frequent intervals. Also, all serving dishes must have their individual utensils. Its often advised that a sneeze guard may need to be utilised too.


Staff must be thoroughly trained on food temperatures, safety preparation, and safe transportation.  Specific courses might be required for individual experience within the field, as the regulations often change. It goes without saying that not knowing – is not an excuse for bad hygiene.

Food allergy awareness

One of the things that caterers often encounter is food allergens. It’s important that caterers disclose the ingredients of the dish to the patrons so that they are aware of any potential reactions.  The servers have to know what is in each dish, and if there are any known allergens which could cause a reaction.


Lastly, you will need to document all of your food safety procedures and temperature checks. These not only confirm that your employees and volunteers are adhering to their training, but also offer a way to show a health inspector that you are following local policies if you get audited. There are plenty of online resources for catering food safety that you can use as.

Here at CTC Training & Development, you can take a Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Catering (RFQ). This qualification will give learners the opportunity to gain an understanding and the skills required to maintain good personal and workplace hygiene. Contact us to book a place on this course.

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