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From ensuring the day-to-day classroom activities are running smoothly to providing one on one help to children that need extra support, the role of a teaching assistant is fundamental in schools across the country. 

In recent years, teaching assistants have become more and more prominent in UK schools, and are now valued personnel alongside teachers and other members of staff.  

If you’re wondering whether a career as a teaching assistant is right for you, we’ve put together a handy guide outlining the benefits of the role and how you can get qualified.

 Is being a teaching assistant worth it?


While salary is rarely the primary motivation for becoming a teaching assistant, it’s still an important consideration. After all, you still need to pay the bills no matter how rewarding the occupation.

Typically, the starting salary for a full-time, permanent teaching assistant is around £17,000 per year. Depending on your level this number is likely to rise as your career progresses. A level 3 teaching assistant can expect a salary of around £25,000 per year. 

There is no mandatory pay scale for schools to follow when it comes to the salary of a teaching assistant, but most will follow similar scales to the one outlined above.   


The amount of holiday you’ll get as a teaching assistant really depends on the contract you have with your school. If you have a permanent, full-time contract, then you will get paid leave whenever the school holidays take place. This will include the summer, Christmas and Easter holidays, as well as the various half terms that take place over the course of the year.

However, many teaching assistants work on term-only or part-time contracts, meaning you will not be paid during school holidays.    

Job Satisfaction

For the right person, being a teaching assistant can be one of the most rewarding jobs around as you’re playing a crucial role in the development of future generations. The main role of a teaching assistant is to maximise the experience of children while they’re at school. This is both in an academic and personal sense, and a teaching assistant will act as an authority figure, role model, guardian and even friend to those in their care. Plus, you’ll be able to see children grow, learn and thrive first hand, an experience that cannot be gained in any other profession.

Additionally, there is so much variety in a teaching assistant position. You’ll be present in a whole host of different lessons and can get involved with lesson planning, school trips, one-to-one teaching, arts and crafts and so much more. One thing’s for certain, no two days are ever the same.     

Career Progression 

There are a number of opportunities for career development as a teaching assistant. There are various levels of teaching assistant courses you can do, helping you to progress as you gain more experience. Furthermore, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to concentrate your time working with large groups of classes or those who require more specialised support.  

Teaching assistants can also choose to go down the avenue of helping children with special needs. For instance, many people decide to take a Special Education Needs (SEN) course to become qualified at working with these children.  

How to get qualified

If you’re looking to get your teaching assistant journey started, then CTC Training is here to help. We’re home to a wide range of teaching assistant courses that can provide you with the qualifications you need to give your career a boost. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to become a Higher Level Teaching Assistant, we supply people everywhere with flexible, online teaching assistant courses that will help you pursue your career at your pace. 

We also provide online training courses in a number of subjects and sectors, so to find out more about how we can help your career, get in touch today.  


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