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The Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training features a combination of in-person and online training. There are approximately 1200 hours of study time required for this course, with most learners completing it within 8-12 months. The DET can be completed online on your own schedule, but do note that the course requires a minimum of 100 hours of teaching practice and to be observed eight times in the classroom.

The Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training is your next step towards a fulfilling career in teaching or training. This article will explain more about the qualification, including what you’ll learn from the course and what you can do with the qualification.

How long does the level 5 det take?

What is involved as part of the qualification?

The Level 5 Diploma in Education consists of seven mandatory units:

UNIT NO: 1 — Developing teaching, learning and assessment in education and training

UNIT NO: 2 — Teaching, learning and assessment in education and training

UNIT NO: 3 — Theories, principles and models in education and training

UNIT NO: 4 — Wider professional practice and development in education and training

UNIT NO: 5 — Developing, using and organising resources in a specialist area

UNIT NO: 6 — Inclusive practice

UNIT NO: 7 — Teaching in a specialist area

You’ll need to be observed by your expert witness eight times in a classroom to complete this course.

What can I do with a Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DET)

The Level 5 DET is recognised across the UK and many countries around the world. It will allow you to teach/train in the post-16 adult education sector and/or apply for Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS).

Teaching in the post-16 education sector may consist of teaching in any of the following sectors:

  • Health industry
  • Beauty industry
  • Care homes
  • Special needs education
  • Emergency services
  • Care sector
  • First aid
  • And much more

You can apply for QTLS status after earning the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DET) and completing professional formation. Professional formation is a post-qualification process in which you demonstrate the skills and knowledge gained from your teacher training qualification.

You do not need a degree to enrol on the Level 5 course, but you will need to satisfy the following entry requirements:

  • Aged 19 and above
  • Have adequate reading and communication skills
  • Not have a criminal background which prevents you from working with young people or vulnerable adults
  • Hold a relevant qualification at a level above that of your learners; ideally at least Level 3 in their area of specialism
  • Have a basic grasp of literacy, language, numeracy and ICT

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