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An IQA isn’t just a useful qualification for becoming a full-time professional assessor; it is also seen by many as a credible career path into teaching, training and similar professions.

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In this article, discover the benefits of an IQA and how it can help you in your career.

What is an IQA?

An IQA qualification will allow you to monitor the activities of assessors within an organisation. This is to ensure that all the assessments are conducted fairly.

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The IQA qualification is a useful tool for moving into an IQA role, but it can also help towards other career paths and goals.

What new skills and responsibilities will I gain from an IQA?

By completing an IQA, you’ll have increased your skillset and become a more appealing candidate for a number of roles and organisations. These skills include:

  • An understanding of quality assurance within organisations
  • An understanding of how assessments should be carried out within an organisation
  • The ability to monitor, review and evaluate others

The IQA role will give you new responsibilities and opportunities to excel. Responsibilities will very from organisation to organisation, but general IQA responsibilities include:

  • Check that assessors meet the requirement for their role
  • Plan and prepare monitoring activities
  • Work alongside assessors, trainers and employers to ensure the standardisation of assessment practices

Can an IQA improve my salary?

As a qualified Internal Quality Assessor, you’ll have additional skills and be allowed to carry out more tasks than before, making you more valuable to the company. This usually translates to a higher salary. 

The salary of an Internal Quality Assurer will vary depending on the size of the organisation and the specific job role. However, salaries tend to range between £23,000-£35,000

In addition, you’ll become a more valuable prospect to any organisation that needs an Internal Quality Assessor. So not only will completing an IQA boost your salary prospects, but it will also open up new doors in your career.

Can an IQA help me into another role?

Though an IQA qualification is most useful for becoming an Internal Quality Assessor within an organisation, it also provides you with valuable skills that can be transferred to other roles. You’ll have gained an insight into how assessments are quality assured, a vital skill in other supervisory or teaching roles.

An IQA is a great qualification to have if you are looking to become a:

  • Supervisor
  • Manager
  • Teacher
  • Teaching Assistant

CTC Training offers three IQA qualifications to help you progress in your career. All our courses can be completed online on a schedule that suits you. Enrol on one of our courses and you’ll gain 24/7 access to the student portal where you can view course content and upload assessments at your leisure.

If you’re interested in earning an IQA qualification, take a look at our IQA course page – or you can contact our team for help and advice.

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