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Hey, you! Yes, you. Should you be working right now? Are you taking time out of your busy schedule to read a few articles?

Don’t feel guilty — we all get distracted from time to time. But with working from home becoming the new normal and no managers around to supervise, it’s important not to let your productivity slip.

A few simple changes to your working-from-home setup can drastically increase your productivity levels. In this article, discover how you can improve your productivity today.

Get A Dedicated Work Desk

When you first started working from home, you may have relocated to the kitchen table, sofa or even your bed. While these spots may be useful temporarily, it’s vital that you get yourself a dedicated work desk for long-term use. A bed, sofa or kitchen table will present too many distractions and will not provide the proper support for your back, neck or wrists.

In contrast, a dedicated work desk has no other function but for your work. You won’t need to spend precious minutes clearing away mess from last night’s dinner. All the equipment you need to start your job should be ready and waiting.

Prioritise Natural Light Over Artificial Light

Position your desk by a large window to maximise your intake of sunlight.

Exposure to natural light throughout the day increases alertness, improves mental health and supports restful sleep – all key elements for a high work output.

It also helps your body absorb its daily dose of Vitamin D, which is essential for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. And because we’re staying inside as much as possible at the moment, it’s more important than ever to ensure your body is getting enough Vitamin D.

Get An Ergonomic Desk Chair

So you’ve moved from the kitchen table to a dedicated work desk — please don’t take your kitchen chair with you.

An ergonomic desk chair is vital for keeping your muscles in good health. Your desk chair should be comfy, have suitable back and neck support and be adjustable to multiple heights.

Remove Clutter

A wise man once said ‘a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind’. If your work desk is strewn with papers, chocolate wrappers and wire spaghetti, your mind is going to be equally as muddled.

It may be hard to avoid loose wires, but you can still do your best to make them as neat as possible. Use cable clips to keep messy wires at bay.

Only keep the absolute essentials on your worktop. Ideally, you should store away as much as you can in desk drawers and take them out only when you need them. At the bare minimum, you should only keep on your desk what you need for your job that day.

Introduce Plants Into Your Workspace

While it’s worth keeping your desk clutter free, we do recommend adding rich green plants to the room you’re working in. You could add some larger floor plants or keep small potted plants on the windowsill.

Surrounding yourself with nature is known to put your mind at ease. Plants will help you feel more relaxed and able to focus on your task at hand.

Plus, plants are known to neutralise toxins in their surrounding environment. They will physically eliminate bad smells and harmful bacteria from the air, resulting in a cleaner, healthier working environment.

Stay Productive In And Out Of Work. Why Not Try An Online Learning Course?

Now that your new working-from-home setup is ready, it’s time to put it to good use — in and out of work. At CTC Training, we offer a range of online learning courses that can be completed at your leisure from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a teaching assistant, internal quality assurer or something else, our courses will give you the tools, knowledge and experience to progress in your career. Simply enrol onto one of our courses and you’ll gain access to the 24/7 student portal where you can access course content and upload assessments any time of day, any day of the week.

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