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Unfortunately, no workplace is immune to accidents and injuries. Whether you work in a labour-intensive work environment, such as a factory, or a low-hazard environment, such as a retail establishment, protecting against risks is imperative to employee safety, company reputation and business profitability. After all, if your employees aren’t safe, they won’t be productive either.

A key part of protecting your employees is making sure you have first-aid qualified workers on-site to act swiftly in the unfortunate event of an accident. Providing first aid training to your employees can transform your business and is, therefore, recommended for all work environments. Here’s why:

Keep employees safe

In the event of an accident, a trained first aider will have the necessary skills to act swiftly, minimising the risk of further injury and keeping fellow employees safe. Typically, a first-aid trained employee will tend to minor cuts and burns, but in some circumstances, a first aider may even provide life-saving medical care. This may include performing CPR or putting an unconscious individual in the recovery position until the paramedics arrive.

Create a safer work environment

By tending to accidents and injuries immediately, first-aid trained employees can help to create a safer work environment. Your employees will feel safer in the knowledge that there’s a trained first aider on-site, especially in high-hazard environments, which can contribute to an overall happier and more productive workplace.

Reduce absenteeism rates

By preventing injuries from developing and offering assistance to employees who feel unwell, first-aid trained employees can reduce absenteeism rates in the workplace. In turn, this can keep business operations running smoothly, improve employee satisfaction, and minimise the risk of profit losses. With this considered, it’s clear that offering first aid training to employees can benefit an entire business.

Stay HSE compliant

Offering your employees the opportunity to undertake first aid training isn’t just about saving money – it’s also important for staying compliant. Under the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, employers are legally obligated to provide the equipment and facilities required for first aid delivery, and to ensure that there are a suitable number of people with HSE-approved training able to administer first aid should it be necessary. Stay compliant by offering your employees the opportunity to take first aid training as part of their workplace responsibilities.

Increase employee satisfaction

Encouraging your employees to explore new training opportunities is a great way to increase satisfaction amongst your team members. Learning valuable new skills at work can help employees feel more stimulated and engaged in the workplace, and offering first aid training is a practical place to start. First aid is a skill that can be used and relied upon throughout life, and working towards a widely recognised qualification will encourage personal and professional growth amongst your employees.

Create a safer work environment and give your employees a skill they’ll value for life with HSE-compliant first aid training from CTC Training and Development Ltd. Our one-day course and assessment programme is designed to give individuals the knowledge and support needed to act quickly in the event of a workplace emergency and can be undertaken by corporate groups.

For more information about our first aid education training, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at CTC Training and Development Ltd.

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