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Asbestos removal is a crucial albeit dangerous job. Once a popular building material, asbestos quickly fell out of fashion after it was discovered that long-term exposure to its fibres could cause serious lung damage. 

Due to the dangers involved, anyone who wishes to remove asbestos professionally must earn qualifications to prove they can handle the material safely. In this article, discover which qualifications are required to become a professional asbestos remover and start your journey to protecting lives.

What qualifications do I need for Asbestos removal?

Where can I find asbestos removal training?

UKATA is the central hub for UK asbestos training. They are a leading authority on asbestos training with the goal to be recognised as the asbestos industry’s most eminent training association.

You can find the following types of asbestos training courses through UKATA:

  • Awareness courses
  • Unlicensed courses
  • Licensed courses
  • Duty to manage asbestos

What is an awareness course?

Awareness courses are a great introduction into asbestos removal. While these courses don’t certify you to practice asbestos removal, they do provide a great insight into how the industry operates. Awareness courses are ideal for beginners looking to step into the industry.

What is an unlicensed course?

Unlicensed courses are training courses that certify the user to provide small, low-risk asbestos removal. The qualifications are limited in their scope but can be a great starting point for anyone wanting to try out asbestos removal before progressing to a licensed course.

What is a licensed course?

Qualifications from licensed courses allow you to take on asbestos removal projects at all scales and risk levels.. You will need a license if the work is:

  • on a medium to large scale
  • involves asbestos insulation which can’t be removed without being broken (including pipe and boiler lagging, sprayed asbestos coatings and asbestos insulating board).

The most common qualification for licensed asbestos removal is the RSPH Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Removal of Hazardous Waste (Construction) – Licensed Asbestos

This qualification provides learners with the knowledge and skills to remove asbestos on site in a safe and competent manner. Holders of this diploma will be able to undertake large projects, including removing enclosures, removing asbestos, packing and disposing of asbestos and performing cleaning and decontamination requirements.

The qualification consists of five units:

  • Unit T/615/4332 Installing and Removing Enclosure or Containment Areas for the Removal of Licensed Asbestos Materials in the Workplace
  • Unit R/615/4343 Stripping and Removing Licensed Asbestos Materials in the Workplace
  • Unit Y/615/4341 Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace
  • Unit H/615/4343 Conforming to Productive Working Practices in the Workplace
  • Unit M/615/4345 Moving, Handling and Storing Resources in the Workplace

UKATA and CTC Partnership

CTC Training has partnered with UKATA to provide select online learning courses at a discounted rate.

As a special deal, you can enrol on the Level 3 Award in Education and Training for the reduced price of £195. You can pay as a one-time payment or spread the cost over four months. 

Everything about the course is the same — except the price!

The Level 3 Award in Education and Training is a popular course and nationally recognised award for teaching in the adult education and skills sector. It is a foundation course and is useful for anyone looking to get into teaching for the first time.

There are many different ways to teach in the adult education and skills sector, including teaching others how to remove asbestos safely and responsibly. If you’re aiming to teach asbestos safety, the Level 3 Award in Education and Training is a crucial qualification to obtain.

The Level Award in Education and Training consists of three units:

  • Understanding the roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training
  • Understanding and using inclusive learning and teaching approaches in education and training
  • Understanding the principles and practices of assessment

This course takes approximately 120 hours and can be completed entirely online.

At CTC Training, we provide a range of online learning courses. Perfect for those on a busy schedule, our courses can be completed at a time that suits you. Enrol on a course today and you’ll gain access to our 24/7 student portal, where you can view course content and upload assessments at your leisure. 

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