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As the education and training sector evolves, so do the roles and terminology within it. One example is the transition from the term “Internal Verifier” (IV) to “Internal Quality Assurer” (IQA). If you’ve been eyeing the education field, particularly assessment and quality assurance, you might have come across these terms and wondered how they differ.

In this article, we explore the transformation of IV to IQA, course specific information and how CTC Training can assist you in becoming a qualified professional.

What is the difference between an Internal Verifier and an Internal Quality Assurer?

While these two terms are often used interchangeably, the role of an Internal Quality Assurer is essentially an evolved version of the Internal Verifier. Both roles aim to ensure the high-quality delivery of qualifications and assessments. However, the IQA position encompasses a more comprehensive range of responsibilities.

The IV role traditionally focused on activities like checking that assessments were conducted fairly and providing feedback to assessors. The modern IQA role expands on this by promoting best practices, facilitating continuous improvement, and even managing a team of IQAs if you progress to a lead IQA role.

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When did IV change to IQA?

IV used to be the standard, but with an industry-wide shift towards broader educational quality assurance, the IV role expanded into what we now call the Internal Quality Assurer. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when the change occurred, but what is clear is that this change reflects an industry-wide move towards a more holistic approach to quality assurance in education. 

What does the IQA course involve?

The Level 4 IQA course offers modules that cover policy development, quality assessment and even hands-on practice to provide real-world experience. You’ll gain knowledge that equips you for the challenges in the education and training sectors

Internal Quality Assurer Courses with CTC Training

At CTC Training, we offer OFQUAL-regulated qualifications, which means you’re receiving a nationally recognised certification. There are no hidden fees, and everything from course materials to assessments is included in the price.

Plus, CTC Training provides a unique distance-learning experience. You can study at your own pace and upload assessments when you’re ready.

So whether you are an individual on a quest for personal growth or a business seeking to upskill your staff, the educational courses from CTC Training are tailored to meet a variety of needs. 

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