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The Level 4 Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) qualification is aimed at learners currently employed as teaching assistants who are looking to progress in their career. If you’re a teaching assistant looking to improve your  skills and gain new responsibilities and opportunities, the HLTA qualification might be right for you. 

In this article, find out everything you need to know about the Level 4 Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) qualification.

What is an HTLA qualification_

What is involved in the HLTA?

The HLTA is designed to develop on the knowledge, understanding and skills that learners have already gained from their existing teaching assistant role.  By improving these three elements, learners will gain the ability to take on new responsibilities in their role.

The HLTA is composed of seven mandatory units:

  • Understand the Higher Level Teaching Assistant role
  • Child development and welfare
  • Awareness of special educational needs
  • Promoting positive behaviour in children and young people
  • Providing support for individual learners and small groups
  • Developing skills to promote positive working relationships
  • Curriculum planning, delivery and assessment

What does the HLTA allow you to do?

With more skills and knowledge under your belt, you’ll be able to take on new responsibilities in the teaching assistant role. In addition to all the responsibilities of a standard teaching assistant, a higher level teaching assistant may also:

  • Teach classes on their own
  • Cover planned absences
  • Manage other learning support staff

Plus, you’ll be rewarded with a higher salary for taking on additional responsibilities.

How long does the HLTA take to complete?

The HLTA has approximately 360 hours of study time and learners have a maximum of 12 months to complete it. Most learners will complete the HLTA in 5-6 months, though you can finish it sooner or later depending on your schedule.

Can the HLTA be completed online? 

The HLTA qualification requires you to be observed working in a school with children. However, most of the qualification can be completed online on a schedule that suits you.

CTC Training offers the Level 4 Higher Level Teaching Assistant course as a flexible online course. After enrolling, you’ll get access to our 24/7 student portal, where you can view course content and upload assessments at your leisure. You can complete the online portion of your qualification from anywhere in the world, and can work 9-5, at 1am or whenever suits you best. The choice is up to you.

With CTC Training, you’ll also be assigned a named tutor who will offer advice and guidance through your qualification should you need it. 

All of these perks and more are available with CTC Training, and all for a competitive price with no hidden fees. Enrol today by paying upfront or selecting a monthly payment plan.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with CTC Training today. Enrol on a course or contact our team for more information. 


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