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To become a successful trainee assessor, you will need:

  • Occupational competence in the field that you wish to assess in
  • A suitable assessor qualification

Yes, that’s it. 

Occupational competence can be gained through your job. If you wish to assess learners in a different field from your own, you should look to secure a role in the relevant industry.

CAVA Qualification Online with CTC Training

The most comprehensive assessor qualification is the CAVA. Unlike other assessor qualifications, the CAVA qualifies you to assess learners in their place of work and in learning environments.

Here at CTC Training, we have a wide range of training courses, all available online, with tutor support, ready when you are.

Becoming an assessor is a fantastic opportunity to boost your own professional skills while helping others achieve their goals. If you’re interested in becoming an assessor, the CAVA is your first stop.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the CAVA qualification, including what it is, where to obtain it and what it provides you.

What does CAVA stand for?

CAVA stands for Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement. It is a nationally-recognised level-3 qualification for assessors.

What is a CAVA qualification?

The Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement is the most comprehensive assessor qualification, providing holders with the knowledge and skills required to assess learners both at their workplace and in a learning environment such as a classroom. 

The CAVA teaches you how to monitor and scrutinise the vocational skills of a learner. You’ll learn about the various methods of assessment and all the basics of quality assurance. Plus, you’ll be taught how to assess learners based on various evidence materials, including portfolios, direct observation, witness testimony and more.

Once you’ve completed the course and have gained occupational competence, you’ll also be qualified to carry out assessments for learners aiming to complete an NVQ or apprenticeship.

CAVA Qualification Online with CTC Training

What level is the CAVA qualification?

The CAVA qualification is a Level 3 award. There are three official assessor qualifications, all of which are level 3 qualifications. The difference between them is that one qualifies you to assess in the workplace, one qualifies you to assess in a learning environment and one, the CAVA, qualifies you to assess in both the workplace and a learning environment.

How do you obtain the CAVA qualification?

The CAVA qualification can be acquired through online learning platforms such as CTC Training. With CTC Training, you can complete your online course on your own schedule and at your own pace thanks to our flexible learning philosophy.

Simply enrol on the course and you’ll gain access to our 24/7 student portal, where you can access course content and upload assessments any time of day, any day of the week. The course takes approximately 90 hours to complete and you have up to 12 months to complete it.

As with most level 3 awards, there are only basic entry requirements for enrolling onto the CAVA course. These are:

  • A minimum of level 2 (or equivalent) in literacy and numeracy
  • Be over the age of 18

What can I do with a CAVA qualification?

Provided you have the relevant vocational competence, the CAVA qualification will enable you to step into the role of an assessor. The assessor’s job is to help learners acquire their desired qualification by providing them with guidance and support and by gathering evidence and performing assessments. As a full-time NVQ assessor, you can earn between £18,000 – £30,000 or more if you become a freelance assessor.

There’s no restrictions to which vocations you can assess provided you have the relevant competence in that area. You can assess learners attempting an RQF, NVQ, diploma or those doing an apprenticeship.

The assessor role has many transferable skills that would be useful in other positions. Even if you don’t wish to become an assessor forever, earning the CAVA qualification will increase your skills and enhance your employability for other roles.

CTC Training is a leading provider of the CAVA and a range of other recognised qualifications. Our flexible approach allows you to study in your own time and at your own pace, making it perfect for those with a busy schedule. You’ll also be assigned a tutor who will assist you throughout your qualification and ensure you’re on track to success.

Start your journey to becoming an assessor. Book online today to start your online training or contact our team to find out more.

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