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Health and safety is something that’s considered in all lines of work. Designed to keep employees, customers and the working environment as safe as possible, enrolling on a health and safety course is a great way of improving the standards of your business. But, what can you learn from health and safety training?

In this blog, we explain some of the things you can learn in this course.

First aid training

In any kind of workplace, it’s important to have staff members that are first aid trained. You never know when a medical emergency may occur among staff or customers, so having people that are first aid trained will keep everyone safe. The course will include everything from treating minor injuries to potentially life-threatening situations.

Food safety

If you work in hospitality, own a restaurant or work in food production, the health and safety levels of your business should be paramount. Without proper knowledge and training, poor food preparation can lead to contamination and low hygiene levels. To avoid this, those handling food should be properly trained in all areas of food safety – this will also improve your food hygiene rating.

Fire safety

In commercial settings, fire safety training is a practical way of preventing a fire outbreak in your business. Do you know what can cause a fire? Would you know how to put out a fire? If you aren’t clued up on fire safety then you could be unknowingly putting yourself and others at risk. Enrolling on a fire safety course will help you identify risks, identify different types of fires, fire extinguisher knowledge and execute a proper evacuation if needed.

At CTC Training & Development Ltd, we offer a range of courses across the UK. Run using online resources and local support tutors, we have qualifications to deliver flexible learning for every level. Our courses include health & safety, education and learning support. Give your career a boost today, get in touch and find the right course for you.

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