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It’s never too late to learn a new skill or gain a new qualification; there are many exciting opportunities out there, from first aid training courses to education support programmes, designed to support our personal and professional growth. However, for full-time workers, finding time to study while juggling other responsibilities can feel like a balancing act.

Nevertheless, working full-time and studying can be extremely rewarding. Below, we’ve listed our top revision tips and techniques for busy people.

Create a timetable

Having a clear plan in place for when you’re going to study and when you’re going to allow yourself a break can be extremely helpful, especially for full-time workers. When drawing up a schedule, make sure you’re being realistic. Otherwise, you’ll end up feeling disheartened when you don’t get through the course in the time you thought you would. Don’t forget to schedule in a short break for when you arrive home from work.

Use your work breaks wisely

During your lunch break, set aside 20 minutes to read through your course documents, proofread an assessment, make flashcards or watch educational videos which relate to the subject you are studying. Try to do this in a new environment if you can, such as a local cafe or park, to give yourself a bit of fresh air and a break from your workplace.

Make the most of your commute

If you commute via public transport, make the most of your journey by using this time to study. This may be as simple as catching up with your course tutor or giving your latest assignment a final proofread before submission. Using this time to work on your course rather than browsing social media or watching videos on your phone will give you more time to relax later.

Find ways to multi-task

Alongside your commute, there are multiple times throughout the day where multi-tasking can help you make time to study. Stick posters and flashcards up throughout your home and quiz yourself on topics while you’re cooking dinner, washing up, getting dressed in the morning or brushing your teeth at night.

Find a revision style that works for you

If you haven’t studied since school or university, sitting down to revise may seem completely alien. Take your time and experiment with lots of different study techniques to find the one that works best for you, and don’t be afraid to check out the new resources available. Watching videos, making posters and listening to podcasts are all popular revision methods to trial.

Be flexible

There may be times when you come home from a stressful day at work and can’t face the thought of studying. This is natural, so be flexible and make sure you take time to relax before studying again. If you force yourself to revise when your mind is elsewhere, the revision won’t be as effective and you’ll end up feeling more stressed than before.

At CTC Training and Development Ltd, we understand that for busy people, making time to study can be challenging. That’s why we’ve made sure our national training courses are flexible and can be tailored to your specific requirements, with the option to mix online materials and tutor support depending on what works for you.

To browse our full list of national training courses, visit our website or get in touch with our team of course experts today.

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