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If you’re considering a career in education, it could be one of the most rewarding jobs that you take on. Working with children means you need to be resilient, have great communication skills and be well organised. There are many roles that you can apply for in education as long as you have the relevant training and training courses such as those run by CTC Training & Development can kickstart your career.

In this blog, we discuss three signs that a career in education is for you.

You enjoy working with young people

To be successful in education you must enjoy working with young people. You will be interacting with children on a daily basis which means the environment is always changing and you need to keep up with their energy. If this is something that motivates you then pursuing a career in education could be the right step.

You are confident

As a teacher or teaching assistant, you need to be able to control the room. Children like to push boundaries but you must be confident enough to take control and communicate well. To bring the best out in yourself and your pupils, being confident is key. You need to feel self-assured when teaching, take initiative and a willingness to take responsibility.

You are organised

If you are naturally a very organised person then teaching could be ideal for you. As an educator you will need to plan lessons, stay on top of your workload and deliver amazing teaching every day. Of course, this is something you’ll get to grips with once you’re in the job but if you already have these skills you’ll be ahead of the game.

At CTC Development & Training, we offer a range of teacher training courses for those working in schools or seeking a job as a Teaching Assistant in a school environment. Our mix of online and localised tutor support means you can complete your training in a way that suits you. Choose a highly recommended training company today. Contact us for more information.

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