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Great hair comes with great responsibility. For salon owners, being aware of various risks in the salon is essential for ensuring a safe and professional environment.

This article explores some of the most common threats in a salon and how well-trained staff can help mitigate these risks.
Common risks in salons

Hazardous Chemicals

Salons often use products that contain hazardous chemicals, such as dyes, bleaches and straightening agents. Proper training in the handling, storage and disposal of these chemicals is crucial to keeping staff and customers safe. Staff should be aware of the potential hazards and follow safety protocols, including using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensuring adequate ventilation.

Trips and Falls

Salons are basically obstacle courses — wires, wet floors and everything in between.

To minimise the risk of slips and trips, keep walkways clear, promptly clean spills and secure loose cords. Staff training should also include awareness of these risks and the importance of maintaining a tidy, hazard-free workspace.

Unqualified Staff

Unqualified or inadequately trained staff can be a significant liability in a salon. Not only do they compromise the quality of service, but they also increase the risk of accidents and professional errors. 

Skilled, trained employees are worth their weight in gold. Investing in comprehensive training for all staff members ensures that everyone is competent in their roles, understands salon safety protocols and delivers services to a high standard.

Fire Risks

Those hairdryers and straighteners aren’t just tools of the trade — they’re potential fire starters. Staff should be trained in fire safety procedures, including the correct use of fire extinguishers and the importance of keeping flammable products away from heat sources.


Unfortunately, salons can attract the wrong kind of attention. Effective security measures – such as surveillance cameras, secure storage for high-value items and staff training in security awareness – can help prevent theft. Employees should be vigilant and understand the procedures for reporting suspicious activity.

Cuts and Injuries

Salons are full of sharp stuff — scissors, razors, you name it. Proper training in handling these tools is a must to avoid any accidents. Ensure that all equipment is well maintained and stored safely when not in use.

Health and Hygiene

In a salon, hygiene is everything. Your salon should be as clean as a whistle. This includes everything from sterilising tools to maintaining clean workstations. Training staff in proper hygiene practices not only protects them but also ensures the safety and comfort of your clients.

Reducing Risks Through Proper Training

The common thread in mitigating all these risks is the presence of well-trained, knowledgeable staff. Investing in quality training for your employees can significantly reduce the occurrence of these hazards From handling chemicals to preventing accidents, and keeping everything above board, it’s all smoother with a skilled team.

CTC Training offers a range of courses that can equip your staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle salon risks effectively. This includes our health & safety training courses, which cover essential health and safety practices.

Keep your salon at its best by investing in a course with CTC Training today.


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