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At CTC Training, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their career goals. Our mission from the very start was to help every dedicated and hard-working individual receive the qualifications they need to progress in their career, regardless of location, schedule or disability.

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New Accessibility options for Student with Sensory Impairments

We’re proud to announce that CTC Training offers a range of accessibility options for students with sensory impairments. We have achieved this endeavour thanks to the collective hard work of numerous individuals, including Lauren, who is currently completing her CTC Training qualifications online using a screen reader.

Lauren is a visually-impaired student with a long term goal of becoming a music tutor. She is currently completing a CTC course to obtain the qualifications she needs for the role, while simultaneously demonstrating that the course is compatible with her screen reading device. The CTC team have worked hard to ensure that Lauren, and others like her, will be able to obtain qualifications using a range of assistive devices.

New Assistive Listening Device Support

We are also proud to assist learners from the Wales Council for Deaf People (WCDF). Our new enrollees will obtain their desired qualifications using assistive listening devices. Plus, they’ll receive all the same great benefits of taking their courses on CTC Training, including 24/7 access to content from anywhere in the world.

CTC Training takes inclusivity very seriously. We strive to provide equal opportunities to everyone and are happy to speak privately with any individual who wishes to enrol on a course.

Take a look through our website to discover all the qualifications we offer. For more information about our courses, contact the CTC Training team today.

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