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Teaching assistants are a crucially integral part of the modern classroom. They offer support to the class teacher as well as supporting and challenging pupils within the learning environment. The role of teaching assistant has certainly evolved over the years, particularly recently. Now considered a professional in terms of education, a qualified and experienced teaching assistant is without doubt much-sought member of staff. Teaching assistants need to be patient people with a passion for education and a non-judgemental view. They have to support a wide range of learning activities, helping students to succeed and reach their full potential.

Teaching assistants work in primary and secondary schools, as well as in nursery education and also colleges. They can work with children with specific additional learning needs or they can provide support within the general classroom setting.

A teaching assistant can offer support to a teacher with preparation in the classroom, and Higher-Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs) facilitate smaller groups in the classroom under the additional support of the teaching staff. Some HLTAs also provide short-term classroom cover, facilitating lessons prepped by teaching colleagues.

Teaching assistants can be employed by a local authority and work across a range of schools, or they can be contracted to work in one particular school. Some schools employ teaching assistants on an individual basis, setting their own pay and terms & conditions. Teaching assistants will use their skills across a range of classrooms and other learning environments.

Is it the career for me?

If you have a passion for developing the young minds of our future generation or having a career where no two days are quite the same, lots of holiday time off and feeling a good sense of achievement at the end of the working day, then this certainly is the career for you.

Of course, much like other jobs, this one also comes with its challenging aspects too, for example in regards to dealing with naughty children and of course the odd temper tantrum. However, on the whole, people working as a teaching assistant tend to adore their jobs. They claim that the working environment, close relationships with the teacher, students and parents and generous holiday time off all contribute to a highly rewarding career of teaching life.

Teaching Assistant Responsibilities

Teaching assistants responsibilities vary based on the status or level of teaching assistant qualification and their experience, as well as the needs of individual schools. Responsibilities and duties can include:

  • Offering tailored learning activities as devised by the teacher, either in a small group setting or on a one-to-one basis
  • Making sure that any pupils they support can engage in learning and stay on task during the lesson or activity
  • Guiding the social and emotional development of students, raising any concerns as per the school’s policy and protocols
  • Overseeing and dealing with challenging behaviour
  • Guiding and monitoring a student’s progress
  • Providing a range of administrative support in the classroom, such as preparing classroom resources
  • Providing support outside of class, such as exam invigilation and covering absences of TA colleagues
  • Playing a part of extracurricular activities, including breakfast clubs, after school clubs, homework clubs, and revision sessions
  • Covering lunchtime and break time duties where necessary

In a typical day you can often expect to :

  • Help teachers prepare a lesson with materials and equipment
  • Get the classroom ready for lessons and clear away afterwards
  • Work with groups and individual pupils to make sure they understand their work and remain focussed
  • Watch and record and report on the pupil’s progress to teachers
  • Oversee group activities, including outings and sports events
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment and follow safeguarding procedures
  • Help teachers manage class behaviour
  • Care for children who are upset or unwell
  • Lead classes with assistance from the teacher

How a Level 3 Teaching Assistant Certificate can be useful to you

Level 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning Certificate for teaching assistants will offer you with an excellent understanding of how to best support teachers and pupils in a classroom. This teaching assistant online course is designed for those who want to support young people to achieve their full potential as well as their own.

Teaching assistants play a crucial role in the achievements of children, teachers, families and classrooms as a whole, which is why the quality of their training is essential. This Level 3 Award in Supporting Teaching and Learning in schools will give you the crucial skills, for example, child development, the organisation of schools and safeguarding young people. It also equips you with practical techniques and tips for planning learning activities, assessment strategies and how to develop professional relationships with children, teachers and parents.

Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools at Level 3 was created to give you theoretical insights into education, whilst permitting you to understand the practical approaches at the heart of the teaching profession so that you can become the best-prepared and qualified teaching assistant possible.

When you enrol on a teaching assistant course, you will often gain access to all course materials and resources. You will be in complete control of your study schedule throughout, which allows you the freedom to progress in your career whilst accommodating family life or a full-time job.

A  Level 3 Teaching Assistant Certificate course offers an outstanding, student-focused learning experience and gives you the very best possible lessons for becoming a Teaching Assistant. This Accredited Course is suited for any individual looking to take on a Teaching Assistant position within a school or who has been newly appointed to that particular job role. This course will give you the know-how to succeed in today’s modern school environment and help develop the knowledge and understanding needed to support child learning and well-being. The best thing of all is, this course is on the RQF Framework and it’s also OFQUAL regulated, meaning it’s fully recognised and respected by all OFSTED schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

CTC Training & Development – Part-Time Teacher Training and Online Education Courses

If you wish to teach in the Further Education & Skills Sector or you deliver training in the workplace, the Level 3 Award in Education and Training (RQF) is ideal for you. This Level 3 Teaching Qualification is the perfect foundation for those with little or no experience of training or teaching. It is designed to be an introductory qualification to the adult education sector. Here at CTC Training & Development, we offer a range of flexible online training courses from CTC Training and Development. Available nationwide, our distance learning courses are built from a combination of online support, including a student portal, plus local tutors located across the UK offering face-to-face support.

With our wide range of courses, from health and safety and first aid to a range of education, training and learning support services, CTC Training and Development Limited can help you progress in your career and get the training you really need. Our fees include everything within the course, giving you complete transparency with no hidden costs for assessment, re-assessments or certification. If you’d like to find out more about our range of online courses, get in touch with us today to find out more about the courses we offer.

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