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An assessors job descriptions - top qualities and skills


Assessors do more than just assess learners. They must observe, support and guide students through their vocational training. In addition to collecting evidence, assessors must assess and review the abilities of their learners, and provide constructive feedback that will help them progress.

Are you interested in becoming an assessor? Find out all you need to know about the role in this handy infographic


What is included in an assessor’s job description? 

  • Support, train and guide learners to completion of their qualifications
  • Assess learners and provide feedback
  • Plan and deliver training and workshops
  • Examine a learner’s portfolio of evidence
  • Liaise and share good practice with peer assessors
  • Respond to requests for student information and reports

How can I become an assessor? 

  • You’ll need occupational competence and a relevant assessor qualification to become a qualified assessor. One of the most popular assessor qualifications is the Level 3 CAVA, which will allow you to assess learners in a workplace or learning environment.

What skills do I need?  

  • Competence in the field you wish to assess in
  • A relevant assessor qualification, such as the Level 3 CAVA
  • Excellent IT skills, including knowledge of Microsoft programs
  • GCSE English and Maths at grade C or above (or equivalent)

What personal attributes help with becoming an assessor? 

  • Being motivated and driven, so you can pass that on to your learners
  • The ability to make decisions under pressure
  • Be a clear communicator who is approachable and easy to contact
  • Organised with good time keeping
  • Highly adaptable
  • Compassionate, caring and fair, leaving constructive feedback instead of harsh criticism


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