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Could you see yourself becoming a teaching assistant? If you enjoy working in a fast-paced school environment and are looking for ways to increase your skill set, then training to become a teaching assistant could be the perfect path for you.

There are lots of different courses and qualifications designed to boost your skill level and prepare you for life as a teaching assistant, but before you start training, it pays to have an understanding of your daily responsibilities. Below, find out what a typical day in the life of a teaching assistant looks like.


Assist the teacher with morning duties

Your morning routine will differ depending on the age group you work with and the type of school you work at, however, you will mostly assist the teacher as he or she prepares for the day ahead. This may be helping to take the class register or helping pupils to settle down as they take their seats. You may also need to help the teacher prepare for the day’s lessons, which might include photocopying worksheets or preparing equipment.

Support pupils who require extra help

A significant part of your day will involve supporting pupils who require extra help. As the lesson continues, you will support the teacher by helping students to understand the day’s topic, complete exercises and mark their work. If there are pupils in the class who need extra attention or who are likely to disrupt the lesson, you will typically work closely with them.

Monitor pupils during break time

Another key part of your day will be monitoring pupils during break time. You will likely patrol the playground to make sure pupils are playing safely and fairly, and to keep an eye out for any accidents that might require a trip to the school nurse. During break time, you may also need to look out for any incidents of bullying or cases where a pupil requires extra support.

Take care of after school commitments

Your after school commitments will largely depend on the school you work at, however you may be expected to stay behind regularly. This could be to help the teacher with tidying the classroom after a day of lessons or to assist with an after school club. Some teachers may also ask for help with marking workbooks or preparing for the next day of lessons.

Although this is what a typical day might look like for a teaching assistant, it will depend on your place of work and the pupils you work with. Every day is different, so you’ll need to prepare for this with a positive attitude and strong work ethic. Additionally, you will need to be qualified to uphold a teaching assistant position.

At CTC Training and Development Ltd, we’re proud to offer a range of learning support courses designed to help future teaching assistants qualify for the role. Our learning support courses range from Level 2 Award in Support Work in Schools to Level 4 Certificate in Higher Level Teaching Assistant and are available to browse online today. For more information, get in touch with us at CTC Training and Development Ltd. We’re always happy to help.

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