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While you might think of teaching as being rewarding as it is challenging, many areas across the UK still struggle from a lack of staff. This begs the question: how do we encourage more people to step into teaching? 

This article focuses on the solutions to that question, finding ways to help potential educators feel supported, valued and excited to start a career in teaching.
How do we get more people into teaching

Enhanced Support and Development

First and foremost, one of the biggest reasons people are apprehensive to get into teaching is stress and lack of support. Therefore, providing a strong support system for teachers is crucial. This might include offering mentorship programs, professional development opportunities and resources to help manage the workload and stress that can come with the job. 

Making Teaching Financially Rewarding

Let’s talk numbers — and I don’t just mean salaries. To draw more talent into teaching, it’s essential to ensure that the profession is financially rewarding across the board. This means not only offering competitive salaries but also considering bonuses and loan grants.

Improving Work-Life Balance

The reality of burnout in teaching cannot be overlooked. A profession that’s as emotionally and intellectually demanding as teaching requires a work-life balance that sustains rather than drains. 

Strategies may include reducing administrative burdens, ensuring manageable class sizes and providing adequate planning time.

Embracing Technology in Teaching

Integrating technology into daily teaching is essential in the modern age. Technology can introduce a variety of resources and interactive tools, making learning more engaging and accessible. By training teachers to harness these tools, we equip them with the ability to inspire students in new ways.

Promoting the Value of Teaching

Finally, a significant shift in how society views and values teaching is more necessary than ever. This involves not only recognising teachers for their invaluable contribution to society but also promoting teaching as the prestigious and impactful career choice that it is. Public awareness campaigns, teacher appreciation initiatives and highlighting the positive impact of teachers on individual lives and communities can help elevate the profession’s status.

Promoting Flexible Pathways into Teaching

Flexibility could very well be the cornerstone of this new era in teaching. The traditional pathways into the profession are tried and tested but are not without their flaws — especially as the world becomes more and more remote.

By introducing more flexible pathways into teaching, we can open the door to a diverse range of talents and perspectives that the education system greatly needs. This includes part-time and online training options that accommodate the complexities of modern life.

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